About Pathways

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone in our community has a place that they can call home. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate rough sleeping in our community, and to support those without a permanent home to obtain and maintain one.  

Our Aims and Objectives

Our Values

We never give up on people

Even when people have lost hope, we provide a safe space and act as a constant mechanism of support providing encouragement, patience, and stability to empower people believe in themselves and work towards what they want to achieve, at a pace that suits them.   

We are approachable  

Becoming homeless can be terrifying and have a huge impact on confidence. We work in a friendly empathic and non-judgmental way to make it as easy as possible to get support. We really listen to get an understanding of how people are, what they want to achieve and how we can support them with this.   

We empower people     

We support people to build self-esteem to have the confidence in achieving their goals and making decisions through sharing knowledge, motivational work and encouraging resilience through learning.   

We respect people  

We work in a respectful way with everyone we come into contact with from the people we support to partnership agencies, colleagues, and the wider network we meet. We support people in a non-judgmental manner and always treat people as individuals. We are open and honest and work in a transparent way.

We work collaboratively   

We build strong partnerships to ensure people get the best possible to support to meet their needs. These strong partnerships enable us to advocate for the people we work.

We continuously work to improve our service

We are constantly striving to improve our knowledge so that we can continually develop our charity and enable people improve their situation, using data, research and lived experience.