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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Over the past 12 days we’ve shared our 12 days of Christmas stories. Pathways is there for anyone who is homeless or at risk of homeless and we never judge people for why they ended up needing our help. There are so many different ways we can help people but we couldn’t do it without […]

On the 12th day of Christmas….

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Emma has always struggled with her mental health but has pushed herself and managed to find coping strategies. She has managed to work for most of her life despite this but went through a relationship breakdown at the beginning of lockdown and this led to a huge decline in her mental health. Due to multiple […]

On the 11th day of Christmas….

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Jenny attended Pathways after fleeing from another part of the country due to domestic abuse. Jenny has worked in the social care sector for all of her life and was unable to continue due to a decline in her own mental health because of the abuse she had suffered. Jenny had not followed the normal […]

On the 10th day of Christmas….

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Colin has been between rough sleeping and sofa surfing for the last four years after his flat being taken over. Colin struggles to engage with services since childhood due to traumatic events as a child and struggles to manage his temper with authority figures. Colin has always engaged well at Pathways but has become frustrated […]

On the 9th day of Christmas….

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Jimmy has worked in retail all of his life and lost his job during the first lockdown of the pandemic. He lived with his partner in her tenancy but she decided to move back to be with family. Unfortunately Jimmy was unable to afford the tenancy and as it wasn’t in his name the landlord […]

On the 8th day of Christmas….

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Nick had a difficult childhood moving in and out of the care system and sadly got mixed up in crime and substance misuse. He has experienced a lot of trauma as a child and that impacts on how he copes with things now. When Nick came to Pathways he had recently been released from prison […]

On the 7th day of Christmas….

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Jeremy was working full time and living with his parents prior to Covid. Jeremy lost his job and his mental health deteriorated. Stresses and strains on the family during lockdown led to a relationship breakdown and Jeremy needed to leave the family home. Jeremy found himself homeless for the first time and was scared and […]

On the 6th day of Christmas….

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Alan had been homeless for a number of years. He struggled with substance misuse, both heroin and alcohol. Alan has a cancer diagnosis and mobility issues. His mental health was poor and he has had several hospital admissions due to feeling suicidal. During the most recent hospital admission he had been working with the Psychiatric […]

On the 5th day of Christmas…..

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Ben has paranoid Schizophrenia and has a dependency on Amphetamines and alcohol. He has a history of criminal offences and has had long spells of rough sleeping. When Ben found himself rough sleeping again, Pathways visited him a few times a week with supplies such as sleeping bags, food, clothes, early morning coffees and essentially […]

On the 4th day of Christmas……

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Carl had been asked to leave his childhood home after he had an altercation with his Dad. He was placed into the winter provision and began to work on finding his own property with Pathways. He gained a council property and Pathways provided him with a starter pack including a double bed and helped him […]

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