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On the 3rd day of Christmas…..

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Sandra contacted Pathways following an argument with her ex partner. She was in the hospital but had nowhere to go when they released her. She was struggling with her alcohol use and suffering from Bulimia. Pathways arranged for an assessment at YMCA Mansfield, collecting her from hospital and supporting her to the appointment. As she […]

On the 2nd day of Christmas……

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Sam had to leave the family home after assaulting a family member and a police officer. He had been struggling with amphetamine use for years and after a period staying at a friends house was drug free and remorseful about his actions. He was placed in temporary accommodation by the Council and the Pathways housing […]

On the 1st day of Christmas…..

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Daniel worked hard all his life. A 50 year old loving Father and family man until his mental health started to deteriorate. He left all his possession behind him and moved into a caravan. His mental health continued to deteriorate and eventually he had a nervous breakdown. After a few months recovering in the Priory […]

Spotlight on Staff- Shaun Barnett

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Shaun Barnett, Housing Worker Shaun attends church regularly, and in his own words he ‘loves the Lord Jesus Christ’ He keeps tropical fish and enjoys riding his motorbike! Shaun used to volunteer at a church soup kitchen where he got to befriend many homeless people in Chesterfield. In his spare time, he helped a few […]

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