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On the 10th day of Christmas….

Colin has been between rough sleeping and sofa surfing for the last four years after his flat being taken over. Colin struggles to engage with services since childhood due to traumatic events as a child and struggles to manage his temper with authority figures. Colin has always engaged well at Pathways but has become frustrated with knockbacks from different housing options due to his past.

Colin continued to engage well with Pathways and was quite set on what housing was right for him and where he would do well but due to his history it was quite tricky to access this. Colin worked with us and did try a different route for housing but felt unsettled there so left. We did quite a lot of advocacy support for Colin to help him engage with the authorities he struggled with, to help him demonstrate the difference in his lifestyle now.

Colin is now housed in a council tenancy and has tenancy support and is managing very well. Colin is in a quiet location and gets along with all his neighbours and continues to engage well with support.

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