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On the 11th day of Christmas….

Jenny attended Pathways after fleeing from another part of the country due to domestic abuse. Jenny has worked in the social care sector for all of her life and was unable to continue due to a decline in her own mental health because of the abuse she had suffered. Jenny had not followed the normal route to move to Derbyshire so was not registered with any council and was staying at a friend of a friend which she was not able to do for long.

We supported Jenny to register with the local council and advocated for her and provide evidence of her fleeing violence to increase her priority banding so that she would have more chance of getting a property. Jenny was extremely low in mood and feeling suicidal after all she had coped with. Jenny was referred to the Pathways mental health nurses and received weekly support, Jenny engaged brilliantly and was supported to access medication which, alongside support, slowly started to lift her mood. Jenny has worked really hard at rebuilding her confidence and trying to get a sense of normality back into her life.

Jenny has recently moved into a council property and Pathways gave her a starter pack of some basic kitchen items and bedding to help her move in. We supported Jenny to apply for a furniture grant from the discretionary fund. Jenny has recently started working again and now feels she requires only monthly support from the Pathways nurses. Jenny is feeling a lot more positive and feels able to start her new life free of fear.

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