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On the 12th day of Christmas….

Emma has always struggled with her mental health but has pushed herself and managed to find coping strategies. She has managed to work for most of her life despite this but went through a relationship breakdown at the beginning of lockdown and this led to a huge decline in her mental health. Due to multiple admittances to hospital after harming herself, Emma was offered a place in respite care to give her the support and opportunity to rebuild herself and find new coping strategies. When Emma left this support she returned to her partner and things very quickly broke down again.

When Emma first attended Pathways she was sofa surfing at family member’s house and occasionally going back to her ex-partners. Emma’s family found this too difficult, with the strict lockdown restrictions, and asked her to choose one place. Sadly, this resulted in Emma having nowhere to go.  We supported Emma to contact the council who placed Emma in B&B. She found the environment a little difficult and quickly found a private rented room, we supported her to apply for a grant to cover the deposit.

Emma moved into the property and was referred to tenancy support and received furniture and electricity and gas starter packs from Pathways. Emma is now very settled and had rebuilt her relationship with her family and is aiming to go back to work in the new year.

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