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On the 3rd day of Christmas…..

Sandra contacted Pathways following an argument with her ex partner. She was in the hospital but had nowhere to go when they released her. She was struggling with her alcohol use and suffering from Bulimia.

Pathways arranged for an assessment at YMCA Mansfield, collecting her from hospital and supporting her to the appointment. As she had no access to her ex partners property, we provided her with a change of clothes, toiletries and some food. Despite her high levels of anxiety she did well at the assessment and was offered accommodation in a shared house. Our team took her back to Mansfield on moving day after helping her get some of her things from her ex partners house.

Sandra has made new friends at the YMCA and is feeling much better. Her mental health has improved greatly and her confidence has increased. She has a Pathways befriender who rings her each week, is being encouraged to eat well by friends and staff at the YMCA and has cut down her drinking.

Donate to Pathways to help us support people like Sandra: https://www.justgiving.com/pathways-ofchesterfield

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