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On the 5th day of Christmas…..

Ben has paranoid Schizophrenia and has a dependency on Amphetamines and alcohol. He has a history of criminal offences and has had long spells of rough sleeping.

When Ben found himself rough sleeping again, Pathways visited him a few times a week with supplies such as sleeping bags, food, clothes, early morning coffees and essentially checking, during the cold winter months, that he was okay. He built a good relationship with the outreach team and always shared his new location if he moved his tent. Outreach completed forms, made referrals and supported Ben to appointments, giving him confidence and someone to rely on.

Ben was eventually offered a flat with South Yorkshire Housing (Housing First). Outreach visited Ben on moving day with food, some new clothing and toiletries. They stayed in touch whilst he settled in, sourcing a tv unit and a few pictures for his walls to help him make it home.

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