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On the 6th day of Christmas….

Alan had been homeless for a number of years. He struggled with substance misuse, both heroin and alcohol. Alan has a cancer diagnosis and mobility issues. His mental health was poor and he has had several hospital admissions due to feeling suicidal.

During the most recent hospital admission he had been working with the Psychiatric team and the Council homeless team got involved. They involved Pathways and P3 in supporting him before placing him in a temporary council property.

We supported Alan to move his script to a local chemist and helped collect his meds for the first week whilst the transfer happened. We also supported him to see his GP about his mental health which he continued to struggle with. Pathways got him a radio to have on as background noise as he found this helped drown out ‘the voices telling him to harm himself’. The housing team have continued to support Alan with PIP applications and housing options aswell as the mental health nurses supporting him with his medication and mental health.

Alan has engaged brilliantly and made huge progress. He has repaired his relationship with his sons and is looking forward to becoming a granddad. He says he’s too old for his old lifestyle and is very positive about his future.

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