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On the 7th day of Christmas….

Jeremy was working full time and living with his parents prior to Covid. Jeremy lost his job and his mental health deteriorated. Stresses and strains on the family during lockdown led to a relationship breakdown and Jeremy needed to leave the family home.

Jeremy found himself homeless for the first time and was scared and anxious. We supported him to get in touch with his local council, who placed him in B&B due to his deterioration in mental health. Jeremy was keen to look for work again once his mental health improved so it was important for him to look at council and private rented options. Jeremy worked with our mental health nurses to put in coping strategies for his low mood. He registered with the council but in the mean time found a private landlord who was willing to take someone on benefits. We supported him to liaise with the landlord and applied for a grant to pay his deposit.

Jeremy moved into the flat and was supported with a starter pack, gas and electric for the short term and then an application for a full furniture package from Derbyshire Discretionary Fund. Jeremy is now settled in his flat and the new stability has helped improve his mental health. He is now looking for work again.

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