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On the 8th day of Christmas….

Nick had a difficult childhood moving in and out of the care system and sadly got mixed up in crime and substance misuse. He has experienced a lot of trauma as a child and that impacts on how he copes with things now.

When Nick came to Pathways he had recently been released from prison and was sofa surfing at a friends, but he couldn’t stay there for to long. Due to Nick’s complex needs and history it was very difficult to find accommodation to meet his needs that would accept him. He was trying to make a lot of changes in his life but became very disheartened with the amount of refusals he received from housing, we saw a big decline in his mental health and engagement.  Nick’s worker spent a long time trying to re-engage him and worked with numerous other agencies to put a support team together around Nick to meet his needs and enable supported accommodation to be able to offer him a tenancy.

Nick is now in supported accommodation and working well with all of his support. If things are going a bit wrong he is more confident asking for help rather than letting it build up into a bigger problem.

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