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On the 9th day of Christmas….

Jimmy has worked in retail all of his life and lost his job during the first lockdown of the pandemic. He lived with his partner in her tenancy but she decided to move back to be with family. Unfortunately Jimmy was unable to afford the tenancy and as it wasn’t in his name the landlord was unwilling to transfer the property. Due to stress and panic on the day of his eviction Jimmy was heavily under the influence, he used drink as a way to block out the stress. Police attended the eviction as Jimmy did not want to leave, he was not aggressive but was scared because he had nowhere to go. There was concern regarding the condition he was in and how vulnerable he appeared. The police brought Jimmy to Pathways.

Jimmy was very vulnerable and was still quite under the influence when we saw him. We gathered as much information as we could to try and offer the right support. We worked with the local council who agreed to place him in a B&B overnight and then assess him the following day based on our concerns for his vulnerability.

The following day we worked with Jimmy and were able to find out that he doesn’t usually drink he had just had a lot to drink on the eviction day to try and hide from the stress. We were able to get him an assessment with supported accommodation in Mansfield. Jimmy was assessed and they had a space immediately so he moved in. Jimmy settled in very quickly and his mental health improved rapidly without the fear of eviction hanging over his head.

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