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June volunteer spotlight – Steph

Steph currently volunteers for Pathways as a telephone befriender. Her current role involves being a telephone befriender, which entails having a friendly chat with clients over the phone. She aims to help people feel less lonely during these difficult times, and to offer an ear to listen. Prior to Covid-19 Steph worked in reception during drop-in once a week. Due to covid, drop-in sessions could no longer run, so she helped out with outreach where she could, and she now volunteers as a telephone befriender. She really enjoys interacting with clients either face to face or over the phone. She also enjoys seeing clients gaining from the services Pathways provides and working with such friendly staff and volunteers.

When asked why she got involved with Pathways, Steph said:

“Homelessness is something that really upsets me, it is something that I feel no one should have to face. I kept feeling like I wanted to do more for the people I saw on the streets. I had a look online at what organisations help the homeless and how I could do more to help, and I came across Pathways, which looked like a great organisation to get involved with.”.


When asked if she would recommend volunteering at Pathways, Steph said:

“Yes definitely. The staff are super welcoming, friendly and supportive. Pathways is such a great service for the homeless, with so many opportunities to volunteer in different roles. I have a very busy life outside of volunteering and I am able to help out when and where I can”.


Here’s what Claire, our volunteer coordinator had to say about Steph:

“Steph is always energetic, enthusiastic and a pleasure to be around, her positive nature literally radiates. Steph leads a very busy life, running her own business, working, and studying but she always finds time for us here at Pathways. Her role at present due to Covid is phone befriending which is quite challenging but also such a commitment. Our clients who receive the regular befriending calls need someone who is reliable, compassionate and non-judgemental, Steph has been perfect for this role and has become such an asset to this project. She continues to help people during these difficult times with her kind heart and patience.

Steph always offers to help with the more mundane tasks and does so with such positivity. On one occasion we had measured and sorted so many donated curtains in one afternoon that we started to get a little delirious! There didn’t seem to be an end but we did laugh our way through.  I am so pleased to have Steph on our team, I appreciate all her hard work and dedication.”

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