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May Volunteer Spotlight- Holly

Holly’s role at Pathways is to run our social media platforms, she works hard behind the scenes posting updates, replying to messages and any other ad-hoc requests that we send her way.

She has always enjoyed volunteering and has in the past worked in charity shops until she decided that she wanted to get involved locally with Pathways.

We asked Holly why she decided to volunteer with Pathways, and she explained “I got involved as I wanted to use my time and energy to help a small local charity. Growing up in London it’s hard to ignore what a serious problem we have with the amount of people experiencing homelessness and I knew I wanted to help tackle the issue. When I moved to Derbyshire, I looked for local homelessness charities and found that Pathways were looking for a volunteer and got in touch. Pathways seemed like a fantastic charity, and I loved the focus on holistic care”.

Holly enjoys her current role and likes working alongside the staff and other volunteers. She stated, “It is so nice to work with so many likeminded people who want to help those in need of support”.

Here’s what our Office Manager Laura said about Holly:

“Holly started volunteering for Pathways in the Autumn of 2020 running our social media accounts. The time and effort she has put in has made a huge difference to us as we know the importance of maintaining out social media presence but don’t always have the time to dedicate to it that we would like, as we are such a small team. Sharing our good news stories, thanks for donations and volunteering opportunities ensures we keep in touch with our supporters but also gain new ones and without Holly we wouldn’t have improved our followers and other stats, consistently, across all platforms.

She has been a pleasure to work with and is always enthusiastic about any new challenges we set her whether it’s adapting to new software, writing articles for the website or just picking her brain on the best way to approach our social media management. Her dedication has also extended to remaining with us as a volunteer despite relocating to London which I am extremely grateful for!”

Please help us to thank Holly, she works so very hard to keep Pathways and the issues of homelessness at the forefront of people’s minds. She is such a valuable member of our team.

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