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Spotlight on Staff- Claire Douglass

Claire Douglass, Volunteer and Activity Coordinator

Claire is wife to her wonderful husband and mother to two amazing daughters and has an old but very handsome Golden Retriever called Hugo who always seems to know how to get under your feet. She is a social being who says she’s at her happiest when spending time with her family and friends. Claire is a Christian and loves her church family at IKON. “Energy and love is what it’s all about.”

Claire had to retire from playing netball after breaking her tibia on court but took up badminton instead. She also spends time working hard at the allotment that she shares with her friend Emma growing hundreds of courgettes and not much else successfully!

Claire started working at Pathways in January 2021 after volunteering with us for two years. She’d been working in the insurance sector for 25 years and had been volunteering at various organisations before coming to Pathways. When the Volunteer and Activity Coordinator job became available Claire felt she had to apply. She wanted to do something she was truly passionate about.

The core aim of Claire’s role is to support the harder to reach homeless population to engage in support through meaningful activity. She currently runs the Music Group, Restoration/Upcycling Group, Art Group, and the Allotment Group. The other half of Claire’s role is to coordinate the volunteers at Pathways including recruitment, providing training, organising rotas and supervising them.

When asked what Claire’s favourite part of working at Pathways was she said:

“I adore being part of the Pathways family. The volunteers are such a brilliant group of like-minded people who truly are the backbone of the charity and the staff are a bonkers group of individuals who work so hard to really make a difference for people in our community. They squirrel away fighting for results and are my heroes. I enjoy being in the mix, I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded and supported by them.”

When asked what Claire’s best experience at Pathways had been she said:

“Working with our service users in group activities, building trust and connections with people and making a difference in their lives. Providing an environment where people can feel safe and at ease, hopefully bringing some laughter and joy when life can unfortunately sometimes seem so bleak.”

Sian Jones, Manager said of Claire:

“Claire is a huge asset to Pathways and has people skills rivalled by none, making people accessing support and volunteers feel welcome and valued right from the start. She is hugely valued by her team and always has a caring ear to listen to worries. Claire brings huge enthusiasm to the role bringing in new creative ideas and always cake! She throws herself into everything she does and is so passionate and motivated it is an absolute pleasure to have her on the team.”

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