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Donation Handler Volunteer

How to apply

Please complete a Volunteer Application Form and email it to claire.douglass@pathwaysofchesterfield.co.uk

Aims of Volunteer role:

At Pathways, we receive a high number of donations including good quality clothing, sleeping bags and other items. We are planning a ‘once weekly drop off’ for these donations by the public at the Pathways office. We would like a volunteer to be able to greet the public, receive donations and put them into our storage area. We will be storing all donations for approximately 1 week before sorting commences as a Covid preventative measure. We will expect the volunteer to organise the items into size order and catergorise the items. The strict list of acceptable donations should be adhered to, this is because we have limited storage space and also that our clients have specific items that are continually needed. The volunteer will be a first contact for members of the public so the applicant should have a welcoming and friendly demeanor. This will not be a client facing role but is a vital role that helps free up staff time for us to spend more time working with our clients. It also means that we are able to provide essential clothing items, sleeping bags, toiletries, and towels to the homeless easily and in an organised manner.

Required tasks:

  • To accept donations from the Public on Pathways behalf in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Ensure that donations received are those on our donation list.
  • Manage the storing of donations at Pathways
  • Organising and sorting donations.
  • Obtaining details from the public (names & email addresses) in order that we can officially thank them for their donations.

Skills, abilities and experience needed:

  • Good organisational skills
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Reliable
  • Works well with others

Date and time of sessions where volunteers are required:

We will be accepting donations one morning a week between 10am and 12pm at the Pathways office. The day of the week is flexible at the moment depending on the availability of the volunteers. It would be ideal if the volunteer could arrive at 9.45am in readiness for the session to commence and will finish at 12.15pm. It is vital for this role that if the volunteer is not able to attend that they contact us at least the day before (unless there is a last minute reason why they cannot attend) so we can organise for staff to be available to receive donations.

Number of volunteers wanted.

No minimum or maximum.

Place of volunteer duty:

The Pathways office on Saltergate.

Does the volunteer require DBS check:


Travel – Does the volunteer require their own transport:

No – The volunteer must however be able to make their own way to the Pathways office.

Who will manage the volunteer?

Claire Douglass, Volunteer and Activities Coordinator

Does the volunteer have to attend any essential training?

No, however an informative training session will be provided prior to starting.

Benefits offered/ How will volunteers contribution be recognized and appreciation be shown:

  • Out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed.
  • Volunteer award scheme.
  • Recognition may be shown to volunteers on our website, in media publications and through ‘Spotlight on Volunteers’ posts.
  • Volunteers leaving pathways who have made a regular commitment to it are entitled to request a reference and/or other statement of their achievements up to one year after leaving.

How many/which type of references are required:

Volunteers will be required to provide 2-character references that are not from family members.


If you have any questions at all regarding the nature of the project, Pathways or any practical questions, please do not hesitate to contact Claire, Volunteer and Activity Coordinator at claire.douglass@pathwaysofchesterfield.co.uk or 01246 498204.

How to apply

Please complete a Volunteer Application Form and email it to claire.douglass@pathwaysofchesterfield.co.uk

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