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Cook Book Volunteer

At the moment, Pathways is running a very limited face to face service meaning we are not recruiting any new volunteers. However, there are still ways you can get involved and help us, including by submitting recipes for our new budget cook book.

Aims of project

We have recently received funding to create budget cook books that will be given to clients when they first move into their new homes. This can be a scary time for our clients and it may be the first time they have been able to cook for themselves in a long time. In order to give them a helping hand, we are giving them these cook books with easy to follow recipes and cheap ingredients list. This can help them to gain back their independence as well as improve their mental and physical health by giving them the knowledge to cook healthy, balanced meals.

How can I get involved?

If you would like us to include a recipe of yours in the book, please email it to Claire.Douglass@pathwaysofchesterfield.co.uk.

What should my recipe look like?

  • Ideally the recipe should be fairly healthy with at least one of their five a day included
  • It must be a budget friendly recipe – the cheaper the better!
  • It must be on one side of A4 (ideally a word document but it can be hand written and scanned in)
  • It must be as easy to follow as possible with simple instructions
  • It must include an ingredients list and method
  • Ideally it will have pictures or illustrations on to make it look interesting




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