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Fundraising volunteer

We are starting up a new group for settled clients and volunteers. You will work as a collaborative group to organise and run fundraising events for example market stalls and sponsored walks.


Aims of volunteer role

When clients have moved into their own property and become more settled, they can sometimes find they have nothing productive to do with their time. If they become bored it can lead them back down the route of homelessness as they may start to fill their time with things that contributed to their homelessness in the first place. This group aims to equip them with the relevant skills they may need to assist them in securing voluntary or paid work. For example, it will give them the opportunity to develop their organisation, team work, leadership, and communication skills. It also gives them a chance to give back to the service that helped them secure their new home.

As a volunteer you will be required to work alongside these clients to collaboratively organise and run the fundraising events. You will receive support from the Activities and Volunteer coordinator.


Required tasks

Work as a group with other volunteers and clients.

Help to think of fundraising ideas that the project can do.

Take on shared responsibility for organising the events.

Communicate well with staff your ideas.

Attend and help with the fundraising events.


Date and time of sessions

The group will run on Friday mornings 10am -11:30am.


Skills, abilities and experience needed

Friendly and approachable


Good communication skills


Experience of organising and/or running fundraising events is desirable but not essential



Training will be provided in the following areas; Boundaries and Confidentiality, Homelessness, Volunteer Skills, Safeguarding


How many volunteers are required?




To apply for the role please contact Matilda, the Activities and Volunteers Coordinator at matilda.pathways@gmail.com or 01246 498204.


If you have any questions at all regarding the nature of the project, Pathways or any practical questions, please do not hesitate to contact Matilda, the Activities and Volunteers Coordinator at matilda.pathways@gmail.com or 01246 498204.

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